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The Adventure of the Twisted Men

Posted on 2013.02.04 at 16:09
Title: The Adventure of the Twisted Men
Author: Warlock Writer terendel
Artist: jennybliss
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Word Count: 20272
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock/John
Warnings: violence (but nothing beyond what we've seen in the show
Summary: This is a sequel to The Adventure of the Red-Haired Laborers. It's probably a good idea to read the earlier story.

So, it's established that John and Sherlock are in love. But what does that mean when the man you love barely acknowledges that fact? And where does sex fit into this relationship? Or does it?

Of course, there's a case to solve. Who is behind the disappearance of Neville St. Clair? Is Moriarty involved?

Case loosely based on The Man With the Twisted Lip.

Many thanks to cyclotomic_72 for the beta-read!

Link to fic on AO3:
Link to art master post:


The Helmet

Posted on 2011.06.14 at 20:02
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Title: The Helmet
Pairing: Magneto/Mystique, Charles/Erik
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 125
Author's Note: I just finished an original novel, and I'm rewarding myself with some fanfic. Good thing I have a new movie to play with.


His hand moved slowlyCollapse )




Posted on 2010.09.28 at 18:10
Current Mood: chipperchipper
My husband just made what we nicknamed spuffins. Otherwise known as muffins that were kind of screwed up and required a spoon to get them out of the muffin cups.

But they sounded like something Spuffy fans would go for. ;) There's got to be a fic in there somewhere if I can only find it.


Writing, Writing, Writing

Posted on 2010.09.01 at 17:14
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I've set aside three days this week to focus on writing, and today was Day 1. I got a lot done, though not as much as I'd hoped. I made the most progress on editing "The Case of the Haunted Vampire." I should finish it tomorrow. Then it's back to the beta readers to find out if I fixed the problems. Like Dafydd sounding too young and there not being enough dramatic tension. I like the rewrite, and I think the story is much better.

Networking and Social Media didn't go as well. Lots of editorial corrections, and I got bogged down in the five different versions from beta readers. Hopefully, I'll do better with it tomorrow.


Finished Angel the Series

Posted on 2010.08.18 at 21:48

We finished the last two episodes of Angel tonight. This was our first time through the series. We've been watching it, and Buffy, since late last year. That's a long time to have invited those characters into our home and hearts.

I am going to miss them. I have the first volume of Angel: After the Fall (arrived today), but it won't be the same.

No more Spike, except in fan fic. No more Angel and his brooding. I've been missing Buffy since we finished Chosen, but having Angel and Spike eased that. No more.

Wesley's death really hurt. Not as much as Ianto's but close. Odd how as I get older, characters mean more to me. When they go, it's like losing a friend.

Good bye old friends. Somewhere you are still fighting evil with jokes, quips and sharp edged or pointy things. Fight the good fight. Someone has to.

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Title: Failure? Or Success?
Author: terendel 
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing/Characters: Rupert Giles, Dawn Summers, Spike
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Notes: Written for the 2010 Summer of Giles. Set between Seasons 5 and 6.
Word Count: 1854

Dawn looked up from the TV as Spike entered the house.Collapse )


The Duster!

Posted on 2010.06.14 at 20:34
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Just finished Get It Done. The duster is back! Hooray.

'Course Spike just pissed off the Principal big time, but I'm still happy to have the duster again. Wonder if this will also bring back Spike's sense of humor.

Buffy was kind of over the top in this episode, but I see her point in kicking people into shape. Sure worked on Spike.

Very happy now. Off to work on Time to Rest. The first few parts are with my beta, and I should be starting to post soon.


Season 7 Buffy

Posted on 2010.06.14 at 07:44
This is mostly a test post from my phone, but tests are more fun if they have something in them.

We're just over halfway through Buffy Season 7. Overall, I like it, but there is stuff I miss.

What I Miss/Don't Like

Spike's duster. Who'd have thought I'd get so attached to an article of clothing? But he just doesn't seem him without it.

Spike's snarky sense of humor. He's very subdued this season. From clips I've seen from AtS5, it looks like it comes back. Good.

Giles' attitude. Sure, the First is bad. Maybe the world will end. All the more reason for people to have a bit of fun. He's a real wet blanket this season.

What I Like

The easy interaction between Spike and Buffy. They are comfortable with each other for the first time. That's the best part of the season for me.

Spike's maturity. I know it makes him subdued, but I still like it. He's steadier, which is what Buffy needs.

Buffy. I like her this season. I didn't like her last season. She's easier in herself. Love her talking to the Potentials and telling them how it is.

On balance, I can live with what I don't like because what I do like is awesome.

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Posted on 2010.06.12 at 11:47
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Home is Where All the Senses Are
Rating: PG
A/N: A short piece from Spike's POV at the end of Show Time
She will come for me. She will come for me.Collapse )


Loving Eleven

Posted on 2010.06.10 at 20:25
I need an Eleven icon, but for the moment, Jack and Ten will have to do. :)

I'm really enjoying Eleven. I know a lot of people aren't getting into him. In fact, one of my favorite Who writers is really annoyed with Eleven. I'll just agree to disagree with her.

When I watch Eleven, he is the Doctor. No question. I don't even think about the fact that he's being played by an actor. He just *is* the Doctor. And he worked for me from Eleventh Hour on. I can't think of a moment yet where he didn't ring true for me.

Ten was like that too. Nine not as much, although I adored CE. I miss Ten a lot. But Matt is working for me too. Which is the wonder of the whole show.

I can hardly wait for the new Torchwood. And I hope Eleven has a guest shot on it. I think Jack will love him just as much as the other two.

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